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3LCD projector vs DLP projector

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3LCD projector vs DLP projector

What is a 3LCD projector?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. 3LCD is known as a three-chip LCD, which uses three red, green, and blue LCD boards as the control layer for red, green, and blue light respectively. The white light emitted from the light source converges through the lens set to reach the beam splitter, and the red, green, and blue light are separated and projected onto the separate LCD plates. The corresponding pixels on the LCD plates receive the electronic signals from the signal source and are presented as different transparency, and with different transparency of each pixel, the image is generated. The three monochromatic images converge in the prism and are projected by the projection lens onto the projection screen to form a full-color image.

What is a DLP projector?

DLP technology was first introduced to projectors in 1987 and is a very complex system involving a DMD chip that contains potentially millions of tiny mirrors, each only a few microns across.

The benefit of employing so many mirrors is straightforward. When there are even more mirrors, there are more pixels, as each mirror effectively corresponds to one pixel of the display, and the image becomes crisper as the number of pixels increases.

So DLP projectors provide amazing visuals by cramming millions of mirrors into a small space, with this technology now frequently employed in projectors used in education, industry, and home entertainment.

What are the advantages of a 3LCD projector?

A 3LCD projector provides more vivid color saturation, and the focused image it presents can be sharper and more precise. In addition, 3LCD projectors have a higher brightness capability, producing brighter images at the same power level. Not only that, but it also has an efficient working model. It has no rainbow effect than DLP projectors.

What are the advantages of a DLP projector?

DLP projectors provide bright, vivid, and clear images with high contrast and strong contrasts. Thanks to the use of mirrors, light loss is drastically reduced and has a high light output. It is worth mentioning that because there is less gap between the pixels, the final image is sharper. In comparison to other projectors, DLP technology provides a deeper black tone. What's more, the DLP projector is extremely accurate and produces no shadows.

How to choose between them?

In short, the difference between 3LCD vs DLP projectors is that 3LCD projectors offer higher brightness for the same wattage and lower cost, while DLP technology gives better picture quality and colors.and bright picture quality at a very reasonable price.


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